Outdoor living - Napier organizations, affiliations and sponsors

At Napier Outdoors we are passionate about enjoying life in the great outdoors, exploring incredible landscapes, and taking those interests to the extreme. This is why we are proud to be involved with many organizations across North America that share these values and our passion for what surrounds us. Below are our current affiliations or companies we have been privileged to work with at events! Click on the links to learn more about each organization.

Fish Finder's TV      

We are proud to sponsor driver Larry Dobbs, whom has made a name for himself in the Alcohol Funny Car Racing world. With many wins under his belt, and hitting some of the top speeds in his division, Larry has not only become a sponsored partner but a friend of Napier as well. To learn more about Larry Dobbs or his organization please click on the Kardiac Kids link above.

For any inquiries regarding donations or sponsorship please feel free to contact us at